Supplements have been issued in some areas to allow the use of hymns not included in the main 'Hymns Old & New book.

Willie Hughes (who was involved in preparing the 1914 edition of Hymns Old & New, and the 1951 edition with Bert Pattison in England) was interested in music and was probably also motivated by the prolific output of Sam Jones, together with others such as May Schulz, Jim Jardine, Sandy Scott etc. He seems to have been instrumental in arranging the South Australian supplements, and then the New Zealand supplements after he became overseer there. In South Australia his interest was carried on by the later overseer John Baartz.

Victorian overseer Bill Carroll arranged the Victorian editions. The edition used in the western states of USA was arranged by the overseer there, Bill's brother Jack Carroll. It was also used in Canada.

The South Australian and New Zealand supplements were discontinued when the 1987 edition of Hymns Old & New was issued, and the Victorian version had been discontinued many years previously. Similarly, a supplement that was used in the western states of USA was also discontinued in 1987.