Edward Cooney Hymns

The following hymns by Eddie Cooney were published in the Go Preachers Hymn Book 1909.

He also wrote nos 179, 182, 183 & 184 in the 1987 edition (but also included in editions back to 1917) and 'My Heart is Glad' (included in 1917-1935 editions) and 'Approved of God' (included in the 1928-1935 editions).

141 THERE is a gate that seemeth right,‘Tis wide and pleasing to men’s sight;So it appeals to those who fearThe scoff of men, the worldling’s jeer.But all who pass its portals missThe cross and suffering that brings bliss.
2 When men say they salvation find,And give up sins of grosser kind;No more they drink, or curse and swearTheir outward conduct seems all fair.Yet pride and greed are clearly seen,And for the praise of men they’re keen.
3 This sort gives testimony loud,And of their holy life are proud.‘Tis true that man esteems them high,As heirs to mansions in the sky.But God who sees the hearts of all,Knows they have never heard Christ’s call.
4 This class have peace and joy and light,And think they walk in God’s own sight.They preach and pray, they sing and shout,Their claim on heaven never doubt.Yet do not see they must come downAnd bear the cross to win the crown
5 The prophet false they pay to preach,He makes it easy heaven to reach,The times have changed, the way is broad,You need not suffer to please God.'Tis easy now to take the nameOf Him who bore the cross and shame.
6 The preachers who the gate make wide,Find many who in them confide,Blind leaders of the blind are they,Because through it they earn their pay.Yet sad will be their awful fate,When Christ's true way they see to late.

161 WHEN before Christ all nations stand,To right and left at His command;What man esteems so very high,Will then be loathsome ‘neath Christ’s eye.The first are last, the last are first,The cursed are blest, the blest are cursed.
2 On that great day when goats and sheep,What they’ve been sowing sure shall reap;Their treatment of His brethren true,Will show if Jesus Christ they knew.As His ambassadors they fed,Or gave the prophet true a bed.
3 If they rejected whom He sent,Men who had gone just as He went;Amongst the goats they’ll have to go,For slighting shepherds true below.Who heeding their dear Lord’s command,Went poor and hungry through the land.
4 When saw we Thee hungry, Lord,And fed Thee not shall be their word;We lived below upon the earth,Years after Mary gave Thee birth.But my poor preachers Christ shall say,Ye scorned and prophets false did pay.
5 Depart ye cursed Christ shall say,To all who brethren turned away;When purseless, scripless forth they went,Like twelve and seventy whom He sent.Because ye have not them received,I see ye ne’er on me believed.
6 Then come, ye blessed, Christ shall say,For I was homeless in your day.And in My brethren’s bodies came,To prove if ye would bear My shameIn housing preachers who like MeRefused to take a salary.

571 SINNER, thou hast wandered far,Satan’s ways thy life doth mar,Yet for thee doth Jesus care,Come to Him now.Hear Him whisper, don’t delay,He will cleanse you while you pray,Whiter than snow.
2 Heed not Satan’s wily voice,Now’s the time to make your choice,Yield to Christ and then rejoice,Find in Him thy home.Trust me sinner, hear Him cry,Love of thee led Me to die,To My arms of mercy fly,Never more to roam.
3 Friend, to-night may seal thy doom,Through refusing Jesus room,As He comes to lift the gloom,From thy dark heart.Brother, yield to Him thine all,Trusting Christ thou wilt not fall,This may be thy final call,Hear lest He depart.
4 Sayest thou no? how sad thy fateTurning back from heaven’s gate,Almost saved, but yet too late,Heeding not God’s call.Thou wilt gnash thy teeth and weep,Wahat thou sowest thou shalt reap,Pause before that darkness deepStealeth o’er thy soul.
5 Sayest thou yes? Then God’s own light,Now shall dawn o’er nature’s night,Jesus will make thee right,He will take thy part.Halt no more, but say the word,From thy heart that makes Him Lord,This alone can peace affordTo thy sad heart.

911 THERE is a gate, ‘tis very strait;So few go through it, for they hateTo lay aside their earthly prideAnd follow Jesus crucified.
2 Not many care to hear to-day,That they must walk the narrow way,If they would hear from Christ, “well done”When they their earthly course have run.
3 So prophets false delight to tellThe soothing Gospel most love well,And while they will not do but say,The multitudes are led astray.
4 None are to be like Christ to-day;He preached for naught, but we’ll take pay;He said, give freely, live like Me,But we must get a salary.
5 For times have changed, and we must goThe way that suits us here below;So prophets false that please the crowdWon’t live like Christ because they’re proud.
6 He lived the slave life, they are gents.;He freely gave, they charge pew rents;He went about, they settle down;They get man’s smile, He got men’s frown.
7 Therefore the prophet true they hate,Because He says strait is the gate,And lives the way before men’s eyes,The narrow way that most despise.
8 So few profess through prophets true,They’re numbered with transgressors too;While thousands say Lord, Lord, through menWho preach, but won’t live Matthew Ten.

921 FULL, nineteen hundred years ago,There dwelt upon the earth,A Child of common parentageA Child of lowly birth.
2 And as He grew He looked around,Seeking in vain to seeA heart in tune to some extentWith His heart’s harmony.
3 He grew from year to year,Amidst the clashing views of creeds,Claiming to be the truth of God,Producing poisonous weeds.
4 At length arrived at man’s estate,He heard the strange report,Of one who dared to differ fromPreachers of every sort.
5 Down to the river bank He went,To hear this preacher strange,Whose reputation was that heThe people did derange.
6 He saw before Him one whose garbWas but of camel’s hair,Who cried make straight the way of God,The path of life prepare.
7 ‘Twas God in man that stood besideThat river bank to hearOne brave enough to sound the noteThat brought an early bier.
8 His heart went forth in sympathy,That true man’s heart to meet,Forth stepped He to his side to showThat fellowship so sweet.
9 So sweet to lonely hearts that breakFor lack of sympathy,As from their lips pour forth God’s wordsIn midst of apathy.
10 Baptise Me, Jesus said,And light flashed on the Baptist’s heart,‘Tis the God man, the God sent one,Who comes to take my part.
11 Oh sweet reward for mourning daysSpent midst the surging crowdOf critics, triflers, sneering scribes,And Pharisees purse proud.
12 Thus ever to the lonely heart,That seeks the face of God.The light shines in then shineth out,Upon the world abroad.
13 All children of the light draw near,For fellowship with one,Who dares with single eye to treadThe path of truth alone.

951 WE are the slaves of Jesus, set free from claims of sin.Sent forth by Him who bought us, the souls of men to win.The love that sought and found us, impels us now to giveOur lives for men a ransom, that they through Christ may live.
We are the slaves of Jesus, set free from claims of sin.Sent forth by Him who bought us, the souls of men to win.
2 We are the slaves of Jesus, we find His service sweet,He leads the way from day to day, He keeps our wavering feet;As on we press there’s much distress, yet trusting in His might,The foe we face, and by His Grace we conquer in the fight.
3 We are the slaves of Jesus, we glory in the cross,Which puts to death our selfishness, and brings us earthly loss;For as self dies the life of Christ shines out, through us to allWho grope their way in sin’s dark night, held fast by Satan’s thrall.
4 We are the slaves of Jesus, we’ll therefore onward go.And preach the truth, though scribes forsooth, say we should not do so;For well we ken, through Matthew Ten, the way that pleases GodChrist’s way is right, for it we’ll fight till put beneath the sod.
5 We are the slaves of Jesus, we’ve proved His plan is best,Though clerics say ‘twont suit to-day, for it disturbs their nest;Self-love doeth blind men of that kind, but all who preach Christ’s way,Though oft cast out, can always shout - Through Him we’ll win the day!
6 We are the slaves of Jesus, fast bound by cords of love,We’ll do His will though men may kill and send us home above;They slew our blessed Master, and those who follow nearMay share His fate, and through that gate go home without a tear.
7 We are the slaves of Jesus, He’ll soon come back again,And with Him for a thousand years we hope on earth to reign;Then Satan’s bound, the beast dethroned, no longer to oppose,Jesus is King, the saints shall sing, His footstool is His foes.
8 We are the slaves of Jesus, on that Millennial dayHe’ll start a glorious mission, when false prophets are away;The Prophet true, whom worldlings slew, shall teach us how to winEarth’s teeming millions to His side, who died to save from sin.
981 We look for a revival, like John the Baptist had,When those who had two coats gave to the poorly clad,And they who had food to give, gave gladly of their store,Knowing full well when it was done that God would send them more.
Oh, when will it begin,God’s own true revival,Men turning from sin.
2 We look for revival, like that of Pentecost,When preachers like Jesus sought to rescue the lost;They left home and kindred, gave alms of all they had,But dared to follow Jesus tho’ many called them mad.
3 We look for revival, like what is in the Book,When all true disciples their money bags forsook,And gave to the needy what they had stored away,Content to be like Jesus, just living day by day.
4 We look for revival to turn things upside down,And make men unselfish in this selfish town,Where pride and profession go stalking hand in hand,And many say and do not, just building on the sand.
5 We look for a revival, like that of Peter’s day’When thousands were willing to do as well as say;‘Tis easy to talk love and put money by,But those who follow Jesus, lay treasure up on high.
6 We look for revival, like that of Pentecost,When over three thousand their reputation lostFor standing by preachers who had no house or land,And tramped the earth like Jesus, a poor but happy band,
7 We look for a revival, when saints their debts will pay,And cease to spend their money on getting clothing gay,For some deck their bodies and run up traders bills,And this when people know it their testimony kills.
8 We look for a revival, when those who smoke the weed,And teach men to follow Christ in every word and deed,Will get right themselves first and walk the Jesus way,For Pharisees at all times would never do but say.
9 So for this revival we mean to preach and live,For Jesus Christ’s plain teaching was not to get but give;We’ll spend and be spent then to save our fellow men,And though we shall suffer now, we’ll reign with Jesus then.

991 JESUS the preacher poor is right,Therefore will we stand by thoseWho preach His way though worldlings fightAnd seek to hinder and oppose.
So We’ll fight for the Jesus way,Whether it suits or not,Never mind what the Pharisees say,Those who preach should get what Jesus got.
2 Scribes say that it won’t suit to-day,Jesus never said ‘twould suit;When preachers want more than workman’s pay,Selfishness is sure to be the root.
3 Jesus got a bit here and there,As He tramped and preached the Word;Martha was willing with Him to shareAll that God had spread upon her board.
4 Live the way I live was what Jesus saidTo the men who went forth then;Tramp about and preach, saints will give you bread;This you’ll find described in Matthew Ten.
5 Every sect unites to oppose this plan,For their power it overthrows;What glorifies God surely humbles man,This explains why opposition grows.
6 Though the fight is keen, we will still go on;God and Mammon can’t agree;We shall suffer much ere the victory’s won,Bring Jesus Christ’s own liberty.

1001 THERE is a plan the Son of man arranged to save the world,He went about and worked it out though scoffs at Him were hurled;Some said He had gone mad, but honest hearts were gladTo see the truth in Jesus who gave up all He had.
2 About two thousand years ago Jesus said, “Go and preach,”Disciples make, the good seed sow, all that I tell you teach;He said this to poor men who left their homes and thenLaunched out to live like Jesus as told in Matthew Ten.
3 This simple plan the Son of man lived out before men’s eyes;“I am the way,” they heard Him say, the victory in this lies,If preachers live like Me, My love the world will see,In those whose lives are broken to give men liberty.
4. First twelve and then the seventy He sent to walk this way;They left their all at Jesus’ call, determined to obey;The scribes said it was queer, the Pharisees did jeer,But preachers, trusting Jesus went off without a fear.
5 They came rejoicing back to Christ, His promise they had tried;Seek first the Kingdom, He had said, your needs shall be supplied;They scattered all they had, though people thought ‘twas bad,But when they proved His Word was true, their hearts were surely glad.
6 Thus Jesus and His preachers true lived out this life of trust;A common bag they had, and shared alike the common trust;Sometimes they hungry were, yet God for them did care,And so their tests and trials they joyfully could bear.
7 But Satan got Christ’s followers at one time off the track,And Jesus who could read their hearts, saw they were going back;They left the heavenly source, so He said take your purse,Gird on your sword; they thought it right, but found it proved much worse.
8 But soon restored by their dear Lord, they got upon the way,And lived in sweet dependence on their Father day by day;No salary had they, none did their stipend pay,But God, their Father fed them, they walked the Jesus’ way.
9 But now doth Satan triumph, he’s altered Christ’s own plan,He makes men say, ‘twont suit to-day to please the heart of man;They tell that times have changed, and so what Christ arranged,Is followed out by very few, and these are thought deranged.
10 So clergymen and manses are scattered o’er the land,And ministers like Jesus, are thought a foolish band,Because they go Christ’s way, no matter what men say,Believing that He meant it to be the same to-day.
11 Because Christ’s plan is set aside, the devil filleth Hell;Jesus said, “go;” Satan says, “stay and for yourself do well;Look after number one, ‘tis what the most have done;Whate’er doth pay is now the way for all wise Scribes to run.”

1101 WHEN as I run in the heavenly race,Living a life termed by men a disgrace,When there’s approval in Jesus Christ’s face –That will be glory, be glory for me.
Oh, that will be glory for me,Glory for me, glory for me,When the scribes fight,And Christ tells me I’m rightThat will be glory, be glory for me.
2 When for His sake men on me heap their scorn,And I am reckoned despised and forlorn,Though in my flesh I may feel Satan's thorn-That will be glory, be glory for me.
3 When others slight me for going His way,And all is failure the wiseacres say,When from the world's standpoint nought seems to pay-That will be glory, be glory for me.
4 When as I strive for the heavenly crown,My reputation comes steadily down,When on my life the majority frown-That will be glory, be glory for me.
5 When as God opens my blind eyes to see,And from tradition's chain I am set free,When to get rid of me clerics agree-That will be glory, be glory for me.
6 When as I go in the name of the Lord,And find that it brings me the sectarian sword,When persecution throws light on Christ's word -That will be glory, be glory for me.
7 When for the Christ way I daily contend,And the scribes systems men try to defend,When a few see God and mammon don't blend -That will be glory, be glory for me.
8 When for His sake I start losing my life,Having said no to a home and a wife,That l may spend all my time in the strife-That will be glory, be glory for me.
9 When I go forth without wallet or purse,And my friends think that 'tis from bad to worse,When needs are met from the heavenly source-That will be glory, be glory for me.
10 When as they watch me to see how 'twill do,One day I'm half-clad and hungry too,When even then I can say I don't rue-That will be glory, be glory for me.
11 When I am told that no woman should preach,And that to go forth's a serious breach,When yet I'm used the poor sinners to reach -That will be glory, be glory for me.

115WHEN midst the shades of sin’s dark night,I longed for one to put me right,Jesus appeared to be my light.
2 When in that light I saw my sin,And ceased to trust in ought within,Jesus to save me did begin.
3 First He wiped out the guilty past,My trespasses behind Him cast,Pardon for all had I at last.
4 He came to dwell within my heart,‘Gainst fearful odds to take my part,Jesus the sinners friend Thou art.
5 Then as perplexed from day to day,‘Midst many creeds and what men say,I found in Jesus God’s true way.
6 I follow now this narrow road,‘Tis reckoned a peculiar mode,Yet ‘tis the way that pleaseth God.
7 Since the first hour I saw ‘twas meet,To watch for the prints of His blest feet,The worldling ceased me to greet.
8 Yet I have fellowship divine,Jesus I know I call Him mine,His cross I see as the true sign.
9 I follow on prepared to bear,His sufferings and His glory share,Reign with Him I shall here, and there.
10 Here o’er men’s hearts I have control,As He holds empire in my soul,And His slave press toward the goal.
11 There on the bright millennial morn’When faithful ones who bore the scorn,His glorious Kingdom shall adorn.
12 This joy before me makes the crossA glory, and all earthly lossSeem to me but as worthless dross.

1301 Oft riseth to men’s hearts the query, say, “What is truth?”As, oft perplexed by many a theory and creed uncouth,They muse and meditate to find soul rest,Seeking for some sure rock, standing the eternal test.
2 Where is safe footing to be found where man may walk;Is there some sure and solid ground, not men’s mere talk,Is there a proved and tested path infallible;Is there a leader in the eternal sense reliable?
3 One, only One, there is who rightly lived the truth;If so, let’s follow Him, but men forsooth!Say times have changed, and none are now expectedTo be by choice despised, cast out rejected.
4 Times change, truth changeth never,And He who said “I am the truth,”Still liveth o’er again, His life unchanging,Though human wisdom saith ‘tis life deranging.
5 The truth is still the poor and lowly JesusLiving through men a life that fails to please us;If popular conceptions carry sway,And we forget He saith, “I am the way.”
6 From those who give their bodies for His home,The truth shines forth, for He to them has comeTo show the world through them that He will neverChange to suit times, but is today for ever.
7 We eat His flesh and drink His blood,As we receive His life, and through our lives men seeThat He within us dwells so manifest,That devil world and flesh wage fervent contest.