Sources of Hymns

The spreadsheet below shows the source of hymns that have been published in the Go-Preacher's Hymn Book (1909) and then Hymns Old & New (first compiled by Edward Cooney and William Carroll in 1913, then Published by R L Allan & Son 1919, 1928, 1935, 1951 and 1987). Many have been composed by members of the 2x2 fellowship known as 'Friends & Workers' but other sources identified are:

Sacred Songs and Solos (750 pieces) and New Hymns & Solos (138 pieces), compiled by Methodist gospel singer and composer Ira D Sankey and published by Morgan and Scott Ltd about 1900. The first edition may have been published about 1873.

Redemption Songs (1000 Hymns and Choruses for Evangelistic Meetings, solo singers, choirs and the Home) published by Pickering & Inglis Ltd (originally publishers largely for the non-conformist church in Scotland and with many Brethren publications) about 1900.

Songs of Victory (A Collection of Hymns for Evangelistic Meetings, Christian Worship, Conferences and the Home Circle, along with A Selection of Choruses) compiled by Andrew W Bell, published by R L Allan & Son about 1900. This became a Faith Mission hymnal in 1922. A later edition had 801 pieces.

The Anglican Hymns Ancient & Modern was first published in 1861 with 273 hymns and soon became very popular.

Of the 412 hymns in the 1987 edition of Hymns Old & New, 303 were composed by members of the fellowship, 84 can be found in one or more of the Hymnals mentioned above, and the origin isn't known for 25.

sources of hymns