This site provides an index of the 1987 edition of Hymns Old & New, published by R L Allan & Son

Compilation copyright was registered in USA in 1987 by Pocock & Martin as Trustees for the Christian Church in England.  

R L Allan & Son has specifically requested that it be clearly noted on this website that the site is unofficial and that it is not authorised by the Trustees or by R L Allan as publishers of the hymnbook. R L Allan has also refused to provide contact details for the Trustees unless they are told the identity of the website compiler.

The 43 page pdf file Concise Index of Hymns includes details of hymns, authors and translators for the 1987 edition of Hymns Old and New.

A 'Go-Preacher's Hymn Book' was published in 1909, then 'Hymns Old and New' compilations were published in 1913/14, 1919, 1928, 1935, 1951 and 1987.

Other editions were printed in Australia 1917-1921. Other languages have also been published but they are not referenced on this site.

The Hymns page provides a detailed index of hymns included in all editions of Hymns Old & New. The Authors page provides a detailed index of the 1987 edition hymn authors, and translator detail is provided on the Translator page.

Bible References lists some obvious references.

Concordance provides full line references for all words with 5 letters or more in the 1987 edition. 

Deleted Verses lists original verses that are not included in the 1987 edition. Many of these deletions were made in earlier publications such as Sacred Songs and Solos, Redemption Songs and Songs of Victory.

Edward Cooney Hymns provides a transcription of hymns written by Eddie Cooney that were published in the Go Preachers Hymn Book 1909.

He also wrote nos 179, 182, 183 & 184 in the 1987 edition (but also included in editions back to 1917) and 'My Heart is Glad' (included in 1917-1935 editions) and 'Approved of God' (included in the 1928-1935 editions).

Sources of Hymns shows the hymns that were derived from Sacred Songs and Solos and New Hymns & Solos, compiled by Ira D Sankey and published about 1900; Redemption Songs (1000 Hymns and Choruses) published about 1900 and Songs of Victory (compiled by Andrew W Bell, published about 1900)

Unusual old words provides a dictionary of some archaic words used in the hymns.

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Note: Several other hymn books have had similar names. 'Hymns Ancient and Modern' was a hymnal in common use within the Church of England. Over the years it has grown into a large family of hymnals. The idea for the hymn book first came about in 1858 when two clergymen met on a train. They discussed the need for a standardisation of the hymn books in use throughout England and so the idea was born. 

They founded a board, called the Proprietors, who oversaw both the publication of the hymnal and the donation of the profits to appropriate charities, or to subsidise less wealthy parishes for the cost of the books. The first edition was published in 1861 by Novello and Co. So was the 1868 Appendix but negotiations were taking place which resulted in the whole publishing project being placed in the hands of William Clowes and Son later that same year. It was revised in 1875 by William Henry Monk to produce the second edition to which, fourteen years later in 1889, Charles Steggall added several supplementary hymns. 

In 1904 the new and revised edition was published, edited by Bertram Luard-Selby. Unfortunately people complained about the difference between this and its predecessors to such an extent that, in 1906, C. Steggall's edition was republished as the old complete edition. Further editions followed in 1916, 1922, 1950, 1983 and 2000.

Ira Sankey's "Hallowed Hymns New and Old" was published in 1908 (Chicago, Illinois: The Biglow & Main Co.)